Peregrine, Rockrimmon and Garden of the Gods

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West of I-25, these homes are close to the foothills of the Rockies. Renowned for it’s hilly terrain and terrific city views, residents fall in love with the location. Parks and trails abound as this community offers some of the best outdoor activities right in your backyard.

Peregrine CO Homes for Sale

Also known as Northwest Colorado Springs Real Estate, Peregrine is the nestled in the hills overlooking the city. It’s one of the most scenic and quiet areas in Colorado Springs. Peregrine features large lots and well-landscaped homes.

At a glance:

Prices: $300,000 – $900,000
Square Footage: 2000-5800 SF
Bedrooms: 3-6
Bathrooms: 2-5
Lot Size Avg: .5 acres or 22,000 SF
Year Built: 1988-2008

Mountain Shadows CO Homes for Sale

Mountain Shadows real estate is located just south of Peregrine, between Flying W Ranch & Centennial. It’s proximity to the exceptionally large and spacious Ute Valley Park is ideal for those who enjoy daily hiking, mountain biking and trail running. There are a selection townhomes, condos and single family homes that can accommodate a range of buyers, though the majority are suited for the move up buyer and established families.

At a glance:

Prices: $160,000 – $700,000
Square Footage: 1200-4400 SF
Bedrooms: 2-7
Bathrooms: 1-5
Lot Size Avg: .2 acres or 8700 SF
Year Built: 1986-2006

Rockrimmon CO Homes for Sale

Rockrimmon is a neighborhood just east of Mountain Shadows. Being an older development than both Mountain Shadows and Peregrine, Rockrimmon has more traditionally sized lots and homes, though many are still larger than the city average. You can find hilly terrain interspersed with wooded groves, giving this community a mountainous feel, while remaining well within city limits.

At a glance:

Prices: $180,000 – $600,000
Square Footage: 1500-3900 SF
Bedrooms: 2-6
Bathrooms: 1-4
Lot Size Avg: .25 acres or 11,000 SF
Year Built: 1978-2001

Garden of the Gods CO Homes for Sale

Garden of the Gods is one of the most scenic formations in Colorado. Several homes have been built near the area to take advantage of this gorgeous area. Kissing Camels Real Estate, named for the notable rock formation in the park, is a gated community directly across from Garden of the Gods. Views of Pikes Peak are particularly breathtaking from here, as the vista opens up here as well, giving perhaps the largest viewing of the mountain range in Colorado Springs.

At a glance:

Prices: $400,000 – $1,000,000+
Square Footage: 1800-8000 SF
Bedrooms: 3-9
Bathrooms: 2-7
Lot Size Avg: .5 acres or 22,000 SF
Year Built: 1965-2008

Broadmoor Real Estate

The Broadmoor is a renowned

Briargate Homes for Sale

The term Briargate includes both the geographical area and the individual neighborhood within it, much like New York, New York. The neighborhood was built in the 1980’s, so a vast majority of the homes for sale are 20-30 years old. They feature well-established lots with mature trees and landscaping.

At a glance:

Prices: $180,000 – $330,000
Square Footage: 1400-2900 SF
Bedrooms: 3-5
Bathrooms: 2-4
Lot Size Avg: .2 acres or 9500 SF
Year Built: 1980-1992

Pine Creek Homes for Sale

The Pine Creek area is a recent addition to Briargate. Developed at the turn of the century, Pine Creek features larger homes with contemporary amenities such as master bathrooms, open floor plans and stucco exteriors. In the very center of the community is the brand new Pine Creek Golf Course. Lavishly landscaped, this neighborhood offers new world charm to northeast Colorado Springs.

At a glance:

Prices: $290,000 – $600,000
Square Footage: 2200-4400 SF
Bedrooms: 3-6
Bathrooms: 3-5
Lot Size Avg: .25 acres or 11000 SF
Year Built: 2002-2008

Cordera Homes for Sale

The Cordera neighborhood is the third major residential phase of the Briargate Real Estate Development. It’s located east of Powers Blvd with views of both Black Forest and Pike’s Peak. Featured in this planned community is an extensive 4.5 mile inter-linking trail system, 4 themed neighborhood parks, and a Community Center water park. These new homes are put up by some of Colorado Springs’ finest Builders, including Keller, Saddletree, Symphony, Vantage and Campbell Homes.

At a glance:

Prices: $320,000 – $750,000
Square Footage: 1900-4600 SF
Bedrooms: 2-6
Bathrooms: 3-5
Avg Lot Size: .16 acres or 7000 SF
Year Built: 2007-Present

Fort Carson Real Estate

Fort Carson is known as the Army’s Mountain Post. It is home to the 2nd and 3rd Brigade Combats Teams of the 4th Infantry Division, the 71st Ordnance Group, the 10th Special Forces Group, the 1st US Army Training Support Division – West and the 43rd Area Support Group.

Established in 1942, Colorado Springs purchased the land and donated it to the War Department. Since then it’s become recognized as one of the world’s premier training locations. Troops and families stationed here love the location and range of activities offered by Colorado Springs and the Rocky Mountains.

When relocating to Fort Carson, most members choose to live in the neighborhoods of Cheyenne Mountain, Fountain, Security/Widefield, Central Colorado Springs and the Powers Corridor. Commute times are 5-35 minutes from these areas.

Fort Carson Homes for Sale

Fountain, Security/Widefield

Due to its locations and affordable housing, Fountain is one of the most popular choices for a Fort Carson Relocation. Directly across I-25 from the base, Fountain is a growing community. Retail shopping and popular chain restaurants have come into the area, adding to its appeal. Commute times from Fort Carson range from 10-20 minutes.

Cheyene Mountain

Cheyene Mountain is on the west side of Colorado Springs, just north of Post. It’s highly acclaimed school system, District-12 and outdoor activities of hiking, mountain biking, and wildlife makes it another popular choice for Fort Carson Real Estate. There are townhome and condo opportunities for the first time homebuyer in addition to the single family homes targeted to the middle-income family. Travel times from the Cheyene Mountain community are 10-20 minutes.

Central Colorado Springs

Central Colorado Springs is off the beaten path of many Fort Carson buyers and is one of the best-kept secrets in the area. You can find affordable housing, charming older homes and the social scene of Downtown Colorado Springs here. This community also features mature landscaping with lots of tree-lined streets and a friendly atmosphere. The commute to Fort Carson ranges from 15-35 minutes.

Powers Corridor

As Colorado Springs continues to grow east, the homes on Powers Blvd are becoming a mainstream housing location. It has the city’s largest concentration of retail shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. If you’re looking to be in the highest traffic area of the city and you’re willing to make the commute, Powers Corridor should be on your list of Fort Carson Homes for Sale. Commuting from Powers takes 20-35 minutes.

Peterson AFB Real Estate

Peterson AFB is home to the 21 SW, HQ AFSPC and NORAD/NORTHCOM. The base is co-located with the Colorado Springs Airport, just east of Powers Blvd and south of Hwy 24. It has an active runway which hosts a reserve C-130 unit, a few DV jets and the Peterson AFB Aeroclub.

Military members relocating to Peterson AFB typically choose to live in the Powers Corridor, Falcon, Briargate, Security/Widefield and Central Colorado Springs areas. These neighborhoods offer quick and easy access to base, with most areas ranging from a 5-20 minute commute.

Peterson AFB Homes for Sale


Briargate’s main draw for a Peterson AFB Relocation is the school system, District 20. Colorado Springs D-20 is renowned for its scholastic programs and is regarded as one of the best in the city. The commute from Briargate to Peterson AFB is approximately 20 minutes.

Powers Corridor

The neighborhoods along Powers Blvd offer both a quick commute and convenient access to a wide range of restaurants and retail shopping. These two reasons make the Powers area a very popular choice for Peterson AFB relocations. The commute from the Powers Corridor to Peterson AFB ranges from 10-20 minutes.


The town of Falcon is just northeast of Peterson AFB. It’s located right off Hwy 24, providing quick drive to the East or North Gate. Since Falcon is outside of the city, it offers larger lots and homes for the same price. Falcon’s school system, D-49 is also highly ranked, adding to family appeal. The commute from Falcon to Peterson Air Force Base is approximately 15 minutes.

Central Colorado Springs

The Central Colorado Springs area is another, lesser known option, for Peterson AFB real estate. The east and northeast neighborhoods are great for families, with well-established, mature landscaping and quiet communities. The central and downtown areas are a popular choice for single buyers and couples looking to be closer to the social scene or prefer the charm and character of older homes. The commute from the Central Colorado Springs area ranges from 10-20 minutes.


Security and Widefield are west of Peterson AFB. These homes offer the best value for the money of any Peterson AFB homes for sale. The commute from Security/Widefield ranges from 5-15 minutes.