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Jamie Mades


As Jamie Mades sits taking in the crisp Colorado mountain morning, he comments “I never tire of this amazing mountain view. It’s clean and pure and I am twice as productive here as anywhere else in the world. There’s no place I want to go to ‘get away’ because I’m already here.”

With a bottle of water in one hand and his planner in the other, one cannot imagine him anywhere else. It’s clear that Colorado really is home

A Student of Life
Born in Texas and raised on the Louisiana coast Jamie always had an active mind and body. He played soccer and tennis and excelled at academics. Early on, he displayed a gift for putting things together – from model airplane gliders and math formulas to the ingredients for a gourmet meal. In Jamie’s hands pieces are artfully shaped into a whole.

With a contagious joy for life, Jamie has always loved learning new things. “I make use of everything I’ve learned to move forward and over time that gets to be some massive momentum.” Fighter pilot and professional soccer player were two of Jamie’s early career choices and he certainly would have excelled at either. However, he is as intuitive as he is intelligent and wisely trusted his gut to choose a path of business and empowerment instead.

Realtor and Teacher
A math and physics major in college, Jamie joined the Air Force where he served as an active duty officer for seven years. While he was in Montana, Jamie developed an interest in real estate investing. His analytical skills and aptitude for finding great deals were a natural fit. He bought his first duplex at age 24 and ignited a passion for what would be his next career.

In 2005, Jamie relocated to Colorado where he became a licensed realtor. Real estate enabled Jamie to again use what he had learned and move forward. “I’ve always loved teaching and started at an early age. My experiences range from tutoring math and coaching soccer to instructing the rigorous discipline of nuclear launch operations. Pulling from a decade of teaching experience, I’ve been able to break down the complexities of home buying and selling. Armed with the secrets of success, my clients can confidently make informed, intelligent decisions.”

Passionate Advocate
Jamie has a profound knowledge about real estate markets, trends and economics and has quickly become a leading expert in Colorado Springs. Even more impressive is his gift to transfer that knowledge to his clients. “One of my clients, a first time home buyer, became so knowledgeable about the process that her friends and colleagues began coming to her for advice!
“Jamie calmed my first-time-buyer nerves with his extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and extremely friendly, professional manner. His expertise alone saved me over $10,000 in price, fees and closing costs…not to mention the money he helped me save on my mortgage. I have some co-workers who used other realtors and when we swapped stories, they started kicking themselves learning all the ways they could have saved more…thousands more…on their purchase and their mortgage. I guess THEY should’ve used Jamie. If you’re thinking about buying or selling, you owe it to yourself to call him first!

~Heather L.
Happy Homebuyer in Mountain Shadows


With a mix of Wall Street savvy and keen people skills, Jamie gets results for his clients. Whether negotiating the numbers, staging a home or matching buyers to the perfect home, he effortlessly manages every detail. Buyers, sellers, mortgage brokers, and even other Realtors love working with Jamie. They trust his expertise and efficiency but also enjoy the warmth that he brings to every interaction.

Competitive Edge
Jamie’s results-oriented drive is rooted in his childhood. “Growing up I was a late bloomer and small compared to my peers. I played sports and had to win with my smarts and work ethic, rather than pure ability. I’ve learned those qualities trump natural ability any day!” Those traits helped Jamie score wins on the tennis court and soccer field and continue to propel his clients to success today.

To meet Jamie for a face-to-face expert consultation call  After reviewing your needs, he can provide you with a customized plan for achieving your goals. With his in-depth knowledge of the regional market, trends, and economics he can get you exactly what you want as a buyer or seller while putting money in your pocket. Contact him today!